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Windshield Replacement

Replace a Windshield in Williams Lake or 100 Mile House

Is your drive on Highway 97 a little breezier than normal? It may be time to replace that windshield and bring your car or truck into a Mr. Otto Glass location in Williams Lake or 100 Mile House. For over 25 years, Mr. Otto Glass has been the preferred option for customers looking to replace a windshield in Williams Lake or 100 Mile House.

Because there are no substitutes for superior quality and exceptional customer service, our ICBC-authorized repair centres never subcontract-out work to other shops. All vehicles are serviced in-house, at our locations in Williams Lake and 100 Mile House.

If it’s beyond repair, visit Mr. Otto Glass to replace your windshield in Williams Lake or 100 Mile House. We provide auto glass and window replacement for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We also service windshields for:

Heavy-duty trucks and equipment

Luxury and antique vehicles

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes

Truck canopies



If you can completely cover the chip in your windshield with a loonie, then a windshield replacement will most likely be your best option.

In some instances, a chip, crack, or damaged portion of your windshield may reduce your field of vision while driving. Windshields are actually very strong and play an important part in supporting your vehicle’s roof. That's why having an intact windshield is crucial in rollover accidents. With a large crack or chip, your windshield may not be strong enough to support this critical safety feature.

Large chips, cracks, and spider web-shaped damage in your windshield can also reduce your field of vision while driving. This not only puts your safety at risk, but the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.


Beyond our quarter century of experience, the two Mr. Otto Glass locations in 100 Mile House and Williams Lake are authorized ICBC repair centres, meaning you can expect quality service anytime you bring in your car or truck for a windshield repair or replacement.

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